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Remember. Sometimes something minuscule is beautiful.
Everlasting tides?
Morning sunrise?
Even things as simple as a touch of a hand to remind you of...
Memories you once cherished so dearly.
But we can't always see it.
Each of us suffocating in sorrow unable to grasp anything else to breathe.
Reach up and break the water.

To all. Everyone. I love you.
Hell- even those I have yet to meet.
Everything seems so painful but remember I love you. Even if I am nothing but a voice on the wind.

Damning ourselves and inflicting wounds be they physical or otherwise.
All of us burning under one sun and yet too blinded to see those beside us.
You think you are alone?
Same here. At least that was before I remembered.

We used to look up and dream of flying.
Every breath drawn in wonder becoming the wind we soared on.

Don't forget.
Everyone hurts.
And its terrifying and lonely.
Maybe it stamps out the view of the future. But its there.
Each of us will fight for it and I will be right by your side.
A little acrostic poem. Not much but I haven't popped online in a while, so here!
I don’t like it. Yes.

What it does to me. Yes.

I don’t like it. Yes.

I don’t want it. Yes.

But it makes me need. Yes, yes.

It makes me need. Yes, yes.

I hate it. Yes.

I don’t like it. Yes.

I need it. Yes.

I need it. Yes.


It strangles my veins, the veil of power pierced by longing again and again and again and again.

Who are you?

Who are the eyes who are so quick to pass judgement?

Are you hurting? Yes.

Suffering? Yes.

Writhing? Yes.

Falling? Yes.

Want it to end? Yes.

Need it? Yes, yes, yes.

Then have it.
Man people give up far too much in the world for a hit.
Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I ponder the joy of pain and hurt.
Sometimes I'm good and sometimes I'm bad whilst being the best and the worst.

Sometimes I think and sometimes I act and sometimes I idle for nought.
Sometimes I crawl and sometimes I run but never do I get caught.

At times I'm quite feline, at times I feel sublime but not without some doubt.
Sometimes considered are memories withered that I might be better without.

Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I ponder and sometimes I am strong.
But sometimes I'm weak and sometimes I'm slow and I cannot help being wrong.

Perhaps it is best that I pass every test that is mercilessly thrown my way.
But sometimes I wonder and sometimes I ponder what would be if I say nay.

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Blood. The ocean was red.
The ocean was stained red.

Filled with blood- Or had it become it...

As if something so small-
so insignificant
could cause such a heinous disaster.

No no.

The ocean was red.

The sea was stained with blood calling out
for the blood within the bodies of the surface dwellers.

And when the ocean swallowed the land
it was all that remained.

Nothing left but the endless scarlet.
The crimson swallowed what was left.
No mercy for the living.
No reprieve from the dead.
Nothing but red.
Spawned for the NOTM bounty though completely random XD Whelp! Oh well! Not that violent but being a literal sea of blood its just in case XD
Hey all!

I know, I'm usually dead so this is an odd occurance! But I figured I'd drop by online for a few and say hello!

The sad news I just discovered upon my return is that the Black Fedora Pirates have departed...

Alas! I am here is anyone needs me!

Also! Doing all the cosplay things :3! 

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little-blind-mouse Featured By Owner May 18, 2016
Happy escape from the womb day, Sparks!!
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little-blind-mouse Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016
Spaaaaaaarky I have a history question because quite frankly I'm curious. How do you guys learn about the American Revolution and the war of 1812 and everything and such? My history professor says that you guys think that we were super ungrateful and traitorous and I'm just curious to see how you actually learned it.
Silver-Razor Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I learnt bits and pieces but I didn't take history as a subject so only really have minimal knowledge of the matter. I think it would depend on the teacher though. The Boston Tea Party caused the entire thing to kick off because Britain tried taxing America and then begun the fight for independence. I don't remember too much about it honestly since I sucked at history XD! I was never taught the Americans were any sort of ungrateful or traitorous but I'm sure there are probably teachers that would teach as much. 
little-blind-mouse Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016
I'm just curious because my World Lit professor said she had a student that went to do some student teaching in the great land of tea-drinkers (meaning, England xD) and the teacher kind of made it seem like America was seen as ungrateful. I didn't think everybody in England thought that, but I wanted to satisfy my curiosity.
Silver-Razor Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem! Hope I could help at all. (Tea ftw!)
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